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NECESSARY *INFORMATIONS RELATING TO WALL SCREEDING MATERIALS :- WHICH ONE IS THE BEST:- POP, CEMENT OR WALL PUTTY FOR INTERIOR & EXTERIOR WALL SCREEDING? BW-7-LARGE. While constructing a building, one of the most critical aspects to be looked at is the finishing required to be given to the structure. These constituents define the appearance of your structure, and moreso they define the durability of the structure by cloaking it from any change in the outside weather conditions. Some, such important components are Plaster of Paris, also known as POP, Cement and Wall Care Putty.
  1. Made out of Gypsum, Plaster of Paris (POP) is a white powder that is used for giving early coats to the walls, giving shapes to structure or creating casts and likewise. When moistened, it hardens up quickly, and therefore is favored a lot by the construction team for quick finishing.
  2. On the other hand, wall care putty is made out of white cement and dolostone mineral like White Portland Cement and dolomite mineral. Also known as paint putty, it derives many of its charectterestics from its parent class, i.e. cement and dolostone, like high adhesiveness which in turn gives a longer life span to the substrate, providing additional strength to the wall, etc. Along with that, it is also known to highly resistant to water, heat resistant, anti mildew or fungus, etc; thereby extending the life span of the paint coated over it. The wall putty color is also white, as it is derived from the white cement and dolostone which allows us to apply any paint combination on the wall. It can also be processed in colours if the demand is ordered.
  3. Cement, an existing mineral from limestone though wasn’t originally mean for wall screeding but the new model artisans lately included in this regard, however, it’s cheaper, easier for application, quick drying but like POP doesn’t solve the major needed aims for wall screeding objectives though far better than POP screeding materials. Moreover it doesn’t solve adequately the problems of wall cracks and professionalism in finished coats.
However, which to choose when it comes to providing the right finishing on a structure and other necessary objectives to safeguard your homes from several wall infectious and monocephalous organisms? Well, here is a quick comparison between POP, Cement & Wall Care Putty for wall screeding that would help you in selecting the right finishing material for your walls and ceilings, which shall guide you to select the right substance for the right situation. PARTICULARS:
  1. Plaster of Paris (POP)- What it is? Made out of Gypsum, heated high temperatures, and then crushed to form the white powdery substance and when modulated for wall screeding, mixed with certain ratio of Top bond (PVA) and the lowest quality of standard emulsion.
  2. Wall care putty- what it is? Made out of White Cement, dolostone and Polymers with other strong chemical compositions as may ratio by many manufacturing companies that process what is also called ALREADY MADE wall screeding material. This is the only ideal screeding material recommended and approved globally by international architectural and engineering building bodies.
  3. Cement- what it is? A powdered substance that is processed from limestone which is developed into bonding & strong adhesive properties when mixed with water solely for direct contact with blocks and unsmooth surfaces. When modulated for wall screeding is mixed with Top bond (PVA) and lowest quality of standard emulsion paint, these mixture has a shallow durability for direct contact with already plastered walls and its objective is only for smoothening., It doesn’t have more offer than smoothening walls and it cracks easily when attacked with certain wall defections, it consumes more paint in the finishing professionalism.
  1. POP screeding materials: On the Interior Walls Only.
  2. Wall Care Putty: On the Interior & Exterior Walls.
  3. Cement materials: On the Interior & Exterior Walls as well.
  1. POP materials: Has very low binding property.
  2. Wall Care Putty: Being Cement, polymer/acrylic based, it has very high binding property.
  3. Cement: Also has high binding property but the formulas of which it is used is wrong and not approved in this regard for professionalism reasons.
  1. POP screeding materials: Used for coating finish walls and false ceilings and for creating architectural designs.
  2. Wall Care Putty: Used for smoothening the walls and ceilings by filling in the cracks and pores in them, protecting over heat generating from outside walls, safeguards walls from certain infections, when applied at a certain ratio; it helps protect walls from fire outbreak in regard to penetrations into inside walls, water resistant and gives bright, smooth and superior finish to the walls.
  3. Cement screeding: Used for smoothening the walls on already cement/sand plastered walls, easy application, quick drying and cheaper in regard to pricing.
  1. POP screeding materials: Low on strength
  2. Wall Care Putty: Being cement, polymer/acrylic-based, it has good tensile adhesion, comprehensive strength.
  3. Cement screeding materials: It has adhesive bonding and strength.
  1. POP materials: Less Durable
  2. Wall Care Putty: Highly durable.
  3. Cement for screeding: Durable.
      PORT LIFE:-
  1. POP for screeding: 10-12mints.
  2. Wall Care Putty: 10-45mints.
  3. Cement for screeding: 10-25mints.
  1. POP for wall screeding: Provides an easy solution for interior walls and Puniness surface. Can’t be applied on moist surface.
  2. Wall Care Putty: Water resistant, Helps in easy application of paints, No water curing required etc.
  3. Cement for wall screeding: Cheaper in pricing and quick in dryness.
  1. POP materials: Almost every wall craft artisans can apply or handle on walls but not professionally, it needs an experienced and professional supervision.
  2. Wall Care Putty: Very few wall craft artisans knew about it in Nigeria and other uncivilised Africa nations but very easy for application though doesn’t dry faster as may suit untrained artisans in its knowledge and applications. However, it needs more of trained, professionals and well experienced wall craft artisans for its applications in order to achieve its main and durable objectives on walls.
  3. Cement screeding: Like POP materials, almost all the wall craft artisans can handle its applications, very easy going in applications, needs thorough supervision by a professional wall craft engineer if the demand is adequately needed for professional finishings in the end coating, drys faster and lucrative in making money for wall craft artisans.
  1. POP Materials: Doesn’t adequately have ratio but its standard mixture as prepares by different wall craft artisans; it covers up to =25-35sqm= depending on the wall surfaces and mm ratio as plans by individuals.
  2. Wall Care Putty: 20ltrs/30g bucket (a drum) covers up to =15-28sqm= depending on the wall surfaces and ratio aimed to perfect on the walls.
  3. Cement screeding materials: Doesn’t as well have adequate mixture ratio, it goes on process like POP materials but covers higher due to its colour which hides imperfections on the wall surfaces.
  1. We recommend WALL CARE PUTTY for wall surface screeding, interior and exterior. And
  2. We recommend CEMENT screeding materials where wall surface is unsmooth, too rough and unplastered.
WALL CARE PUTTY RECOMMENDATION:- Amongst the several brands of WALL CARE PUTTY available in the markets, WORLD CLASS PUTTY; a product of WACOP G-TECH ALLIED CHEMICALS AND INDUSTRIALS LIMITED is one of the brands that provides superior products, and total protection from flaking, dampness of walls and water seapage issues. The white cement, polymer/acrylic-based product provides best class paint putty. WACOP G-TECH ALLIED CHEMICALS AND INDUSTRIALS LIMITED in its research and effort which gave birth to WORLD CLASS WALL PUTTY and GOLD BRICKS PUTTY,  have been working on providing the best in class services to their customers and clients with the commitment of no decline in service standards.   LATEST QUOTE:-
  1. Decoding your home renovation process, Your home grows with you like a companion. And just like yourself, it undergoes wear and tear, needing attention and certain changes here and there. But understanding the process of renovation is not everyone’s cup of tea.
  2. Decoding your home renovation process, Take care of the Exterior & Interior walls of your home!Why is paint peeling off from the most expensive walls? Which putty best suits your home? Creating perfect walls with WALL CARE PUTTY.
  3. Your new home, Your new walls earned with expensive materials from foundation to roof needs even much attention in finishing; don’t rush but save for BEST AND DURABLE finishings on your walls and ceilings’ structures.
There are other quality and recommended WALL CARE PUTTY in the markets and stores across WEST AFRICA nations and beyond but basically WORLD CLASS WALL PUTTY is a researched product for WEST AFRICA WEATHER. COPYRIGHT © 2019 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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